Wicked Creek Productions offers full service event production, from intimate home and theater events to large public concerts and festivals.

With over eighty years combined experience and a staff of dedicated professionals, we have learned that quality production and operation is the keystone of a successful and profitable event. Our team will produce and manage your event’s critical front-of-house requirements as well as all behind-the-scenes details to insure that your event will be both professional and memorable.  

Our tiered levels of service provide you with a wide variety of choices, allowing for cost effective production and careful attention to operational details without having to budget for unneeded services. Pricing is based on your event needs. Wicked Creek can provide everything necessary for your event including full site management, stage management, sound and lighting production, backline (amplification/instrumentation), tenting, tables and chairs, talent negotiations and event advancement. Wicked Creek Productions is located in Sedona, Arizona and maintains associates and resources in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Memphis and we can be anywhere at any time to produce  and manage your event.

Tiered Event Production Services

Based on our extensive history with event production and stage management, Wicked Creek has created an escalating tier schedule as an example our service levels. Of course, each event is unique, and we will be completely flexible in meeting your needs. Specific line-item requirements will be based on artist production/hospitality rider and event owner requirements:

Tier One Services:

Staging: Type and size according to event specifications
Sound Services: Professional sound systems - wattage and size based on event
Back Line Services : All required amplification/ instrumentation
Lighting services: Dependent on stage size and rider requirements
Stage Management: Stage manager and assistant(s)
Crew and stage personnel: Crew requirement consistent with production needs

Tier Two Services:

Logistics: Transportation, lodging and hospitality arrangements
Catering:  Artist, stage production staff, stage crew
Artist negotiation/procurement and event advancement

Tier Three Services:

Full site management: Security, medical, tenting, seating, waste, cleanup, on site parking for staff:
Audio systems to fit to your specific venue and event
Basic audio system can be used for groundbreakings, wedding ceremonies, business meetings or other similar events.
Mid-sized audio system can be used for medium-sized venue events such as press conferences, large business meetings and band or DJ re-enforcement.
Large audio system for outdoor and indoor venues 10,000 to 30,000 occupancy.
Backline service size event.
Lighting to fit to your specific venue and event
Lighting will change the look of any venue. Automated, LED, rope, spot, architectural and concert.
General lighting for all your needs. Parking, walkway, tent, service area.
Staging to fit to your specific venue and event
From a 4’ x 4’ riser to a 60’ x 40’ concert stage, camera platform or press riser, fashion show runway.
Power Generation/Distribution
Tenting, Seating to fit to your specific venue and event
Provide the tents, tables and seating.
Diagrams of the event layout, delivery and pick-up.
Security - Event site security.
Restrooms - Temporary Facilities.

For further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To discuss your event production requirements, please contact Jimmy Mack, Wicked Creek Productions, Production Management Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..